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Fabric painting

Fabric painting

about_usEstablished in 2006 Doodle and Daub specialises in a wide range of ceramic items to paint in Acrylic or glaze paints. Studio owner Sam is a fully qualified teacher, who has vast experience working with children. Doodles staff members are extremely friendly where the main emphasis is making sure every customer enjoys their painting experience and most importantly has fun!

We have a vast range of bisque items which we are constantly adding to. These pieces of unfinished ceramic can be decorated with glaze or acrylic paints. These materials are different but turn out equally colourful, you can take the Acrylic item home with you the same day however, to produce a waterproof, functional item it has to be glazed and this you would collect from the studio a few days later.


Are the paints safe?

Yes they are all water based and non toxic, however, acrylic can stain. We provide disposable apron for everyone painting.

How do I care for my pottery?

Your plates, bowls and mugs are suitable for everyday use, although we recommend you hand wash rather than put them in the dishwasher and do no use in the microwave.

Will my plate craze over time?

Eventually all earthenware pottery develops very thin lines in the glaze, called crazing, this is perfectly normal.

images-3Deco patch:

Decopatch is very similar to papier-mache, its a paper craft, using decopatch paper, glues and varnishes.You can decorate a huge range of items from, metals, wood, plastic, glass and ceramics. Our studio holds a large range of decopatch which you can do in the studio or take home.


IMG_1837Silver Clay

Why not immortalise your little ones finger print in a silver pendant which can be with you always. A 10gram pack of silver clay will produce 2 small pendants or a pair of cufflinks.




Fabric painting Fabric painting – Doodle now offers fabric painting, however, these sessions would need to be booked in advance.

Wood painting – photo coming soon!