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A very successful 8th birthday party at Doodle





P1030803Pottery painting can be used as a part of the Curriculum. You can paint pottery in various styles and for various subjects,
History – Paint a design in the style of the Romans, Greeks or Egyptians.
technology project -you can design your art work on the computer at school and then come to the studio and transfer the design onto a bisgue item.
Art lesson – Practice artistic techniques and make a commemorative display for your school/Art room.
Food Technology: In class draw out the daily nutritional requirements table and then research some healthy eating recipes that meet your daily requirements then come to the studio and put all this onto a dinner plate – nutritional chart on one side and you recipe’s on the other.
The studio:
Seats 25 pupils
Doodle and Daub provides all the paints and materials needed.
Suitable for all key-stages.


P1030516Painting parties are great fun for all ages. They can be booked over the phone, in person or by downloading our booking form. If you want to paint a specific item, we will need to be informed when booking to ensure we have enough items in stock. However you can also stipulate a price range, if they are to be painted with glaze or acrylic and the children can choose on the day.
We provide a ‘signature gift’ service which is a great way of making sure the Birthday boy or girl will always remember the party and who was there. This needs to be ordered and paid for when booking.
All parties need to be booked at least three weeks prior to the date.
We take bookings for groups of six or more and require 50% deposit.
If you book for eight or more we automatically give you a 10% discount.