Take away glaze

Take items home to paint, a great idea for small parties or an evening in with friends.  We can provide you with your choice of bisque a selection of paint and brushes. Simply paint your items then return them to us for glazing and firing. You will receive a 10% discount on the studio price and applies to a minimum of six items. We also require a £30 refundable deposit for materials.

Unfortunately this applies only to glazed items, however all other items in the studio can be purchased to take home without acrylic or fabric paint at a 20% discount.

What are the time requirements on take away glaze?

Please try and book at least three weeks in advance if you require certain items of bisque.

What materials are included in the pack?

For each item of bisque you choose we include four brushes, a sponge, palette and three 20ml pots of paint of your choice. For larger items the quantity of paint in increased accordingly.